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Elementary Set H

The components of the Styer-Fitzgerald Program for Functional Academics work together to provide assessment, teaching, and progress data in multiple content areas. The Program comes as a Teaching Package and Student Packages. Both are needed to use the Styer-Fitzgerald Program.

Elementary Teaching Package

Order one per classroom: $1,495.00
This is a one-time purchase and does not require a renewal subscription.
The Teaching Package includes: 14-unit Curriculum with “Teaching Guide” and “Curriculum Progress Guide,” a complete and unique 100+ page reproducible Alphabet and Numbers teaching and writing program with a CD containing reproducible letter and number copies, the Assessment Teacher’s Guide book, Lesson Plan Set, 200+ pages of Reproducible Teaching Materials binder with a CD containing file copies of these materials and reproducible data sheets, a Testing Kit with prepared materials to use when assessing students.

The Teaching Package now also includes the book “Effective Strategies for Working with Paraeducators” and provides you with access to training videos that contain extensive instruction for implementing the Styer-Fitzgerald Program.

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Elementary Student Package

Order one per student: $105.00 each
This is a one-time purchase for each student and does not require a renewal subscription.

Student Package includes: Student Assessment book (with PLOP—Present Levels of Performance Chart—for planning and IEPs), and a set of Progress-Tracking Data Sheets for tracking the student’s progress throughout the entire Elementary curriculum, even through multiple years.

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Elementary Teaching Package Details

The Elementary Teaching Package Contains:

14 Academic and Life Skills Units in spiral bound book.
  • Functional Reading Skills
  • Colors
  • Shapes
  • Location Concepts
  • Computer Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Time-Telling Skills
  • Calendar
  • Money Management, Bills
  • Money Management, Coins
  • Calculator Skills
  • Phone Skills
  • Community Based Training - Generalization
  • Independent Skills
Each content area unit includes multiple lessons and:
  • Skill-sequenced Flow Chart linking Present Levels of Performance assessment to the related curriculum lessons.
  • Skill sequence list.
  • Goals chart for the content area showing goals for every lesson with a sample short-term objective for each.
  • Instructional guidelines.
  • Materials to use for each lesson. (Most provided in Teaching Reproducibles.)
  • Individual lesson instructions with prompt, correction response, correction procedure, and student response data collection instructions, and example data sheet with sample data.
Teaching Guide
The Teaching Guide, bound into the Curriculum for easy reference, provides:
  • Guidelines for using each component of the Styer-Fitzgerald Program.
  • An overview of how the components work together.
  • ABA based teaching strategies.
  • Progress data collection procedures.
  • Developing and updating IEP’s.
  • A copy of a student Curriculum Progress Guide with explanation of its use.
  • A cross-reference chart showing the interface between the Elementary and Secondary curriculum units (for continuous, uninterrupted student progress).

Teaching Lessons
An additional, complete set of all the lessons in each unit, printed on cardstock. Requested by teachers, these can be used by teacher-trained paraprofessionals or peer tutors as they work with individual students.

Reproducible Teaching Materials, with CD
The 200+ pages of Teaching Materials, to use with the Curriculum lessons, come in a three-ring binder. A CD containing all of the reproducible materials in PDF format is also included.

Reproducible Alphabet and Numbers, with CD
The Writing unit in the Curriculum includes letter and number writing lessons packaged in a 3-ring binder. This supporting material provides 150+ pages of fading visual prompt letter and number writing worksheets covering numbers 0–9 and all upper and lower case letters plus letter combination practice. The CD includes the entire set of Alphabet and Numbers sheets in PDF format.

Assessment: Teacher’s Manual
This manual is used for conducting the assessment and determining the present level of performance and appropriate placement in each Curriculum content unit.
The Assessment: Teacher’s Manual includes:
  • A guide to using the assessment.
  • A Present Levels of Performance (PLOP) chart with skill-sequenced levels in 12 Academic and Life Skills units and information on Community Based Training and Independent Skills evaluation.
  • The assessment sequence for each content unit.
  • Separate assessments for each skill-sequenced step in each unit.
  • Prompt, response, and scoring instructions for each assessment.
  • A copy of the Student Assessment section for each assessed area.
  • Materials needed for each assessment.
  • The Curriculum Flow Chart for each unit showing the link between PLOP level and appropriate Curriculum lesson.

Assessment Testing Kit
The Functional Academics Testing Kit comes in a handy carrying case and includes, in ready-to-use format, the materials needed for assessment (except for a few items such as a clock and real coins).

Student Progress-Tracking Data Sheets
The CD includes all the Progress-tracking Data Sheets and Checklists that are contained in the Student Package in reproducible format. Items on the CD can be used to make extra copies of individual lesson data sheets if individual students need more than those provided.

Elementary Student Package Details

Each Elementary Student Package contains:

Student Assessment book
The Student Assessment is a spiral-bound record of the student’s performance on the Styer-Fitzgerald Functional Academics Assessment. It is used to determine Present Level of Performance (PLOP) and appropriate placement in each Curriculum content unit. The Student Assessment includes:
  • One initial assessment and one additional assessment for each of the content units.
  • A Present Levels of Performance (PLOP) Chart with skill-sequenced levels in 12 academic and life skills units, along with information on community based training and independent skills evaluation.
Student Progress-Tracking Data Sheets
The Progress-Tracking Data Sheets are used with each lesson to record student response and to track learning progress over time. The data sheets provide data-based achievement information to serve as a basis for instructional decisions and for IEP or other progress reports. They also can be used as documentation of academic progress when meeting with parents or guardians. The Progress-Tracking Data Sheet sets include:
  • Data sheets for every lesson in all of the functional academic units.
  • Community Based Skills and Independent Skills checklists.

Curriculum Progress Guide
The Curriculum Progress Guide shows all the skill-sequenced lessons and associated PLOP levels in all content units. It provides an overview of student progress with space to record the date instruction was initiated in each lesson, the date instruction was ended in each lesson, and whether or not the skill was mastered. It is in the front of the Student Progress-Tracking Data Sheets set.